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Parents at Bradford schools pay out for taking children on term time holidays



By Anna Riley

Families suffered a blow to their finances as a result of taking their children on holiday during term time.

Bradford City Council issued the third highest number of penalty notices to parents in the 2015/16 school year, totalling nearly £300,000.

Howard Coffey, owner of Howard’s Way Travel, Bradford  said: “It’s not surprising that parents take children out of school as holiday prices are a lot higher out of term time.

“The minimum price rise during the kiddie holidays is £150 per person, so for a family of four you’re looking at an extra £600 to pay at the least.

“A lot of parents are shocked when they find out the cost. The temptation is there for them to save some money and book a holiday during term time.”

A suggestion made by Howard to reduce the inflated holiday prices would be for the council to stagger holidays in areas around the country, but thinks that it won’t happen as tour operators make the most money in peak holiday season.

Up to 150,000 parents were billed an estimated total of £9m in the last full academic year, according to research.

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