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Not ok never ok It is time to give domestic abuse the red card.

On April 6th, Kulsuma Akter, 27, was killed on the streets of Bradford in a horrific attack by a man who is now known as her husband. He stabbed her in the neck while she was walking down the street pushing her young child in the pushchair on Saturday afternoon, the baby was unharmed. A police manhunt was looking for him. Habibur Masum, 25, was later found and arrested for the offence.

Bradford City, FC Community Foundation, stands against Domestic abuse and sexual violence; they have collaborated with Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Foundations PAC team to produce a video. Not ok. Never ok. The current statistics state that nationally, one in four women and one in six men are victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence (DASV). 

Not Ok. Never Ok.
Picture by Lesley O’Connor

The 2.05-long video is captivating and will be shown before all football matches across the country, highlighting its profound influence in conveying a powerful message and sparking conversations in Bradford and potentially nationwide.

The campaign has produced a short film titled “Not OK, Never OK.” The film was devised by the Foundation alongside Bradford Council’s expert domestic abuse and sexual violence team and shot and edited by Kimia Modaressi Chahardehi, a freelance filmmaker and member of the Foundation PAC team.

Anita Putwell, the head of Operations at Staying Put, states that “18,000 people could fit into this football ground here at Bradford, and if 1% of that number, which is 1800 people, are going talk to their family, their friends and their children about making a stand against domestic abuse and sexual violence, to bring change”.

A heartfelt memorial for Kulsuma Akter was held in Bradford City Centre. It was attended by local people, friends and family who are campaigning against violence and abuse towards women in the community and beyond.

Bradford City Football Ground is leading this campaign to promote all necessary measures to prevent domestic violence and raise awareness.

Stand together to say Not OK Never Ok towards domestic violence and sexual abuse.

#notokneverok #standup2domesticabuse #redcard2abuse #stand2gether

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