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Bradford Council accused of taking sides over Gaza in flag row


Members of the Jewish community have accused Bradford Council of taking sides over the Gaza conflict after the Palestinian flag was flown above Bradford City Hall.

The city council took the decision to raise the flag on Saturday during a rally to recognise the deaths and suffering of hundreds of people living in Gaza.

The conflict in Gaza has so far claimed the lives over 100 Palestinians and around 40 Israelis.

The council denied taking sides and said all major political parties were consulted about the decision to raise the flag, which followed requests from the community.

But now members of the Jewish community, including David Israel, a member of Leeds’ Jewish Welfare Board, have called for the council to fly both flags.

He said he feels that councils should focus on local issues, not international situations.

“The majority of people look to local councils to deal with local issues and not what is going on overseas.

“Councils are not there to get involved in international war situations,” he said.

The council’s decision to raise the flag comes only a week after Bradford MP, David Ward, caused controversy with his comments about the situation in Gaza on Twitter.

He tweeted:” The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes.”

Mr Ward later issued an apology for his comments and said that his comments were not in support of Hamas and was sorry if he offended anyone.


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