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Horsforth carpet business opens new homewares shop

By Lina Arshad

A HORSFORTH business owner has opened a second store in the town, selling home accessories.
David Iceton has run carpet store Flooring4 UK for 10 years, and has now opened The Cave UK nearby on Lister Hill.

The new shop had an open day on Saturday 18 February which attracted more than 600 shoppers.

Mr Iceton said he wanted to show his appreciation to customers – with a variety of perks on offer.

The business is run by Mr Iceton and his partner Emma Banks, who revealed the inspiration for The Cave and its product line.

She said: “I was inspired by a fantastic little shop in The Lakes.

“Every time I took my family for weekends away, I would always call in and buy something.

“I wouldn’t have anything specific in mind, but I loved to explore the little place to find my treasures.”

Mr Iceton added: “I’ve always been into unique, quirky little bits and pieces which I buy for home.

“We used to put some of it in the carpet shop, and they were really popular.

“So when The Triangle shop became free it was ideal for us to be able to open up a shop fully dedicated to these items.”

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