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#Coronacuts: A Collection of Quarantine Hairdos

By Zoe Peck

When people go through a period of change – be it stressful or positive, the effect is often shown on their head.

But what we’re collectively going through right now is more than a break-up.

Let’s take a look at some of the occasionally inspired, but mostly diabolical results of mixing government enforced salon closure, the threat of global annihilation and utter boredom.

1. This ball is….IN.

2. Commiserations.ย 

3. Just buzz it.

4. Win.

5. See #3

6. Everyone shaving their head needs to know that it WILL be at the ‘Simon from Inbetweeners’ stage post-lockdown.

7. Why not?

8. I’m sorry too, Gerald.

9. RSPCAย 

10. Ending on a high.


What do you think?