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Five of the best Netflix series to get you through isolation

By Jack Walker

If you’re anything like me, your Netflix subscription has become even more important than ever. It just so happens that, as we all start using Netflix more and more, there’s been some great new series coming out. Read on for my top five!

  1. Tiger King

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No article about current Netflix series could miss out Tiger King. It’s taken the internet by storm and is a conspiracy theorist’s delight. The series tracks the weird and wacky lives of American tiger owners. Did Carole Baskin really kill her husband and feed his body to her tigers? Give Tiger King a watch and judge for yourself! With eight episodes currently on Netflix, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

  1. The Innocence Files

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This series follows the work of the Innocence Project, an American non-profit organisation dedicated to overturning wrongful convictions. It’s a fascinating look into the world of the American justice system, as well as how wrongful imprisonment has impacted on people who were innocent all along.

  1. Designated Survivor

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My personal favourite! Kiefer Sutherland plays the lowly Housing and Urban Development Secretary in the U.S. when he is suddenly thrust into the presidency as terrorists wipe out the entire government. A friend of mine said that the show’s gripping nature and various sub-plots make this show a must-watch. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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A comedy staple. Who doesn’t love B99? Follow the (fictional) Brooklyn Nine-Nine police force as they tackle crime on the streets of New York. Even the legendary Backstreet Boys rendition episode is on Netflix! What more could you ask for?

  1. Ozark

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A series I’ve just started getting my teeth into, and I’m hooked. A married couple has to relocate their family to the Ozarks (a mountainous region of the central United States) after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong. The show only came out three years ago and already has fourteen Emmy nominations. Take a gamble and give Ozark a watch!

If you manage to make it through all five of these series during lockdown, you can consider yourself a true Netflix expert. For now though, there’s plenty to keep you entertained!

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