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Five ways to make homeschooling that little bit more exciting…

By Thomas Reyer

During these uncertain times, many people across the UK are having to help teach their children from home. It’s certainly not an easy task, and is definitely a challenging one. Here are five tips to make homeschooling that little bit more manageable:

  1. Try and experiment with different ways to make the learning as fun as possible.

It can be hard for children, especially those in primary school, to show any interest in a topic that they may find ‘boring’. However, there are ways to make them that little more exciting! You could try and bring the work to life by creating little videos with your family (see below) and make their learning interactive with the use of tablets, computers etc.


  1. Give them a spin in the kitchen.

Although not the most conventional of education, getting them into the kitchen to help out with the cooking is a great skill to teach. Preparing and cooking meals or treats in the kitchen can be great fun and gives them the added bonus of being able to eat what they have created at the end of it!


  1. Arts and crafts with a topical twist.

A nice break away from science, maths or English is to let them them loose creatively with some arts and crafts. Especially with all that’s going on at the moment, creating some positive messages to stick on your windows/around your house can be really good for everyone’s morale. You can also use drawing and creating pieces of work to help with their work – creating the anatomy of a skeleton for example!


  1. Play some board games that keep the mind at work!

We all have board games stored away somewhere. Although it seems that they get pushed to the side these days with all the different electrical devices kids have access too – they’re actually great fun! Board games generally have an educational theme attached to them and although they don’t know it at the time, they can teach kids a lot! Whether it’s Scrabble racking their brains or Monopoly testing their strategic ability – there’s plenty of learning to do out there!






  1. Bring the outdoor activities to the house.

We don’t necessarily need to be able to travel miles in the car to head to our favourite walking destinations these days – it can all be done from home! Instead of actually climbing Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire, all you need is yourself and a set of stairs. It has been worked out that you need to head up and down an average set stairs 123 times to replicate climbing the landmark (or 61.5 times up and 61.5 times down to be specific). It’s great exercise and we can always pretend it’s equally enjoyable as the real thing!

What do you think?