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Tykes not so tight as Yorkshire Lotto players admit they would be happy to scoop just £10,000

By Katie Hasledine

WHEN PEOPLE think about winning the lottery, yachts, expensive cars and holiday homes usually come to mind.

But not the people of Yorkshire.

A recent survey of Lotto players in Britain has found that the people of Yorkshire would be happy with a prize of £10,000 or less.

Eighty five per cent of residents said that they would be delighted to win up to £10,000, making the county the ‘humblest in the country’.

This is a startling difference to residents of the North East, where only one per cent of the community would be satisfied with a prize of £10,000 or less.

And not only that, the people of Yorkshire said that they would be more likely to give prize money away than keep it for themselves.

When asked what they would do with such a sum of money, 32 per cent of Yorkshire folk said they would give away it to close friends and family, and 20 per cent said they would give it away to charity.

In Horsforth town centre, members of the public said that they would donate cash prizes to charities, including Marie Curie and charities which help homeless people.

One lady said: “I’d give it away to a homeless charity.

“There’s lots of homeless people in Leeds and I think that’s dreadful in today’s society.”

Many people were more concerned with bettering society than their own financial state in the survey, commissed by Lottoz.

Some people did like the idea of treating themselves, but would be happy with buying a second hand car rather than a flash new soft top.

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