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Travellers move on from Bradford park


A community of travellers has moved from a Bradford park after local residents voiced their concerns of having the group in the area.

The travellers set up a temporary site at Eccleshill Park earlier this month and moved following concerns raised by local residents.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said he wanted the travellers to move out of the area and was concerned that they have restricted access for children to use the site.

“I want them out of there. They are a nuisance and leave so much litter around the area, but the worst part is they have cut off access to the playground and restricted the children from using it.”

Traveler Patrick, 19, was not surprised with the local residents’ response to the group’s arrival, but said that not all travellers should be judged poorly.

He said: “It’s the same as everywhere we go, we get judged straight away. Yes there’s good and bad about each community, but this is what we are, we move on and live our lives, it’s tradition.

“We’re used to it by now though, but nobody and no group should be judged for the actions of others.”

But another resident, who also did not want to be identified, said he did not mind there being travellers in the area and was more concerned with the behaviour of local youths.

He said: “I’ve had no bother with the travellers, they respect that we live here and I respect that they live the way they do.

“Them being here actually improves the noise pollution in the area, we have a lot of off-road bikes going up and down the streets.

“I have had to go and have a word with noisy, anti-social, youngsters, but I’ve never had to go and have a similar kind of conversation with the travellers.”

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