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Top features editor Elizabeth Archer returns to her roots

by James Fountain

Elizabeth Archer, features editor of the Daily Express, returns to Leeds Trinity University for its upcoming Journalism and Media Week, where she will speak on 5 November.

A recent graduate of Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism MA in November 2015, Archer has rapidly established herself in the industry.

She is sure to attract the attention of current undergraduate and postgraduate students, and will be of particular interest to those who might doubt their ability to rise to the top.

Nigel Green, lecturer in journalism at LTU said: “Working for national newspapers is and always was very tough and we’re proud that Elizabeth has been able to make a name for herself so quickly.

“We find students particularly like to get advice from those who have graduated from Leeds Trinity fairly recently.

“Hopefully, they will be inspired when they realise that, if they work hard, they can become successful.”

Archer took her first steps to becoming a journalist at the tender age of seven when she started a family newspaper, and then would later work on The Courier, Newcastle University’s student newspaper.

This interest steadily began overtaking her studies, and she says she realised she wanted to become a journalist more than anything.

Archer was always more drawn to feature-writing than news, primarily because it gave her more time to write and began as a freelance journalist, writing for national newspapers and magazines including the Daily Star Sunday.

She said: “Working on features allows me to be more creative. I’m also interested in women’s issues and real life stories.”

Ahead of her homecoming visit to Leeds Trinity, Archer’s advice to any budding journalist would be to be wary of exploitation, citing the many websites offering opportunities to write “in exchange for exposure.”

She warns: “While experience is valuable there’s a fine line between that and being taken advantage of.”

Elizabeth Archer will be speaking in the Mary Hallaway Lecture Theatre 3.15 – 4.15pm on 5 November. For more details click here 

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