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This is me, and I’m fantastic! The philosophy of self-love and authenticity that built Siobhan Greene’s career

By Joseph Greenough

Leeds Trinity Journalism and Media week welcomed veteran TV producer Siobhan Greene today, who electrified the room with laughter and charisma.

Over the years, Siobhan has forged an incredible career in Saturday night reality TV with shows such as You’ve Been Framed, Saturday Night Takeaway, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Love Island, I’m A Celebrity and The Voice.

After starting her career at Yorkshire Television, she became head of commissions and director of entertainment for ITV, started a production company with Simon Cowell and has now left the media giants to create her own company 110% content.

In her talk today, Siobhan taught Trinity students about the value of “power in authenticity”, and how she created this by utilising bad childhood experiences.

“You’ve got to find something inside that propels you. For me it was channelling my childhood experiences.

“All the good things and the bad things that happened to me, I used all of it as a force for change, to prove to people I can be something. They were the things that taught me to not take no for an answer, you’re not going to ignore me.”

When asked her best piece of advice for the room, she said: “Don’t apologise for who you are. If you’re quiet, great; if you’re loud, brilliant. The things that matter are integrity, decency, trust and honesty.”

Siobhan does not only channel her philosophies into her work ethic, but into the TV shows themselves.

When working on Saturday Night Takeaway, she worked to create an energy behind the scenes that would reflect on screen and do justice to the fundamental essence and purpose of Saturday night television.

“If we’re having a great time on the show, that’s going to come through on the screen. It’s a privilege; using energetic Saturday night TV to lift people’s spirits and momentarily elevate them from the situation they’re actually in.

“Saturday night means something. Sitting with your granny, coming together and getting the pizza in is a wonderful feeling, I hope that never disappears from this world.”

Siobhan closed her talk by saying: “A legacy is every life you ever touch. I will have a legacy that’s written in the stars.

“This is me, I’m fantastic, and you are going to want to work with me.”

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