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Shoppers in West Yorkshire welcome Co-op plan to tackle food waste

By Katie Haseldine

SHOPPERS IN West Yorkshire have called for the Co-op to nationalise its new policy to prevent food waste.

The Co-op is the first major retailer to start selling food which as past its best before date, in an attempt to prevent food wastage.

The products, including crisps, pasta and tinned goods, will be sold for just 10p each, for a month after they pass their best before date. On its website, the Food Standards Agency explains as long as the food is kept in the advised conditions it will be safe to eat after the date, but may not be at its best quality

However, they have only introduced this scheme in the East of England. So, would this work in West Yorkshire?

Jim Eastwood, from Leeds, agreed that the scheme should be more widespread. He said: “I’m very much against food waste. It is a good thing.”

Conor Banks of Bradford added: “It’s good because a lot of food gets wasted, and it saves money.”

Ross Maloney also agreed that it should be made a policy all over the country. He said: “It’s good because it provides for people who don’t have as much money.”

The Co-op have not yet confirmed whether they will be applying this policy to all of its stores nationwide.

What do you think?