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Seacroft motorbike theft gang banned from touching vehicles for a year

By Rosie Hughes













ELEVEN MEMBERS of a Seacroft gang are not allowed to touch any motor vehicle in West Yorkshire after a police crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

Five men and six youths have injunctions against them, which are valid for one year.

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Jordan Bodally, aged 19, of Mardale Crescent; Joseph Thrush, aged 19, of Barncroft Drive; Macauley Nay, aged 19, of Dufton Approach; Jack O’Gorman, aged 19, of Dufton Approach and Adam Birkett, aged 21, of Moresdale Lane.

The six youths cannot be named for legal reasons.

The group has been linked to an organised gang who steal motorbikes across Leeds and use them to terrorise the public, especially in the Seacroft area.

Complaints from members of the public reported bikes being ridden dangerously at speeds of more than 90mph, being ridden on pavements, through children’s play areas and in and out of traffic.

Chief Inspector Nick Ireland, of Safer Leeds, said: “This gang was behind a significant upsurge in the theft of motorbikes which not only had a real impact on the lives of the victims of those thefts but also on people’s lives in the communities where these bikes were ridden dangerously and anti-socially.”

The injunctions forbid the gang from associating with each other in public, touching any motor vehicle in West Yorkshire without the owner’s permission, or disguising their faces with scarves, hoods or helmets, unless they are riding a vehicle legitimately.

They can face arrest for breaching the conditions.

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