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Plans to re-draw West Yorkshire’s political map startle Leeds residents

By Rosie Hughes

WEST YORKSHIRE’S political boundaries could be carved up next year – but it appears the public have been blindsided by the planned changes.

Boundaries of our constituencies are set to change following a review by the Boundary Commission. They would reduce the number of constituencies in Yorkshire and the Humber from 54 to 50.

Current proposals uproot Horsforth from the Pudsey constituency to Leeds North East.

However the residents of Horsforth don’t appear to be aware their town could move districts.

Residents in other areas of Leeds have also been giving their views on the plans.

Joanna Pedder, of Bramley, is supportive of the changes.

She said: “I do see it as logical that Pudsey town becomes linked with Bramley. I find the current Pudsey constituency very bizarre, it is far closer to us in Bramley than Guiseley – there aren’t even any buses linking those two towns together.”

However Roland Gilmore, of Rawdon, disagrees with the boundary commission’s suggestions.

He said: “Rawdon is many miles from Shipley and has no association with that constituency. Yeadon is closer to Shipley so why has a “finger” of constituency boundary been poked into Rawdon under this proposal whereas Yeadon is cut in half?”

Horsforth’s Conservative MP, Stuart Andrew, is seeking to overturn the changes. Mr Andrew, who also represents Pudsey and Aireborough, believes his constituents who are aware of the changes are ‘alarmed’.

He said: “I am very disappointed that the boundary commission have failed to listen to the concerns of the local community.

“I would like to assure my constituents that I will be working hard to achieve a revision of the new proposals over the coming months and will ensure that the voices of my constituents are heard.”

These proposals can be commented on here until Monday 11 December.




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