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Leeds-based company release must have product for pet owners this Christmas

By Alex Smith

FOR PET owners planning on buying their furry friends a Christmas present this year, a Leeds-based company has released a must have product.

Ruff Wrap, a pet-safe wrapping paper from Monster Pet Supplies, is the first of its kind in the UK and allows owners to give their pets a present without the risks posed by ordinary wrapping paper.

Conventional paper is treated with chlorine and bleach to give it its crisp, white look, and ribbons and sticky tape can become choking hazards for pets.

Jessica Maccio, PR consultant for the company said: “We found this wrapping paper that was only sold in the US, and everyone around the table, all dog owners agreed that we all gave presents to our dogs to open at Christmas.

“We thought this paper was a brilliant idea. It’s made from soya-based inks, so there’s no nasty chemicals found in traditional paper, and it self-seals so you can stick it without using tape or ribbon.

“I’ve got a doberman myself who destroys everything in his path, so this will be perfect. It’ll definitely be under my tree this Christmas.”

The product will certainly give owners piece of mind over Christmas, and whilst the company does not recommend dogs eat the product, it is pet safe.

Ed Stone, 33, from Pudsey, said: “It’s surprising, I didn’t even know normal wrapping paper is dangerous – and our dog does like to eat it. So it’s good to know someone’s making a safe version.”

Carol O’Grady, 55, from Crewe, said: “Our dogs get as much joy out of shredding the paper as the treat inside, and the fact that the paper is attractive and will look nice around the tree is just a bonus really.”

Blue Cross, an animal welfare charity, said: “We welcome any product that makes Christmas safer for pets.  We see a lot of pets come into our hospitals around Christmas who have eaten something they shouldn’t have.”

They also advise owners to keep Christmas treats like chocolate, fruit cake and alcohol away from their pets to minimise risk.

Ruff Wrap is available from the Monster Pet Supplies website.


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