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“Re-housing the homeless is a continuous cycle” – Leeds Charity continues to keep rough-sleepers safe

Garry Knight Creator: Garry Knight

Residents of Leeds are doing the best they can to keep the rough sleepers of the street, however the number of homeless people continues to rise. 

The founders, Becky and Shelley Joyce of Homeless Street Angels are working to aid rough sleepers around Leeds. 

They are involved in feeding, clothing, and even teaching them skills that can aid them in finding work.  

The pair began to dedicate their time to help others after the tragic passing of their sister, Abi in 2017. 

Shelley says: “We started with eight people before COVID, and we’ve now got 150.” 

A concern for the homeless population is what to during extreme temperature and weather conditions. 

Currently Leeds has temporary accommodations, that serve to house the homeless during the extreme conditions. 

Shelley said: “The Council have been fantastic.” 

However, the council has been cutting the budget for temporary accommodations and funding is significantly lower in proportion to cities such as Birmingham. 

Apart from temporary accommodations, rough sleepers can also seek out shelter at places such as St Georges’ Crypt. 

Leed’s homeless population is rising due to rising living costs and causes due to the pandemic, and Shelley has described the situation as an ongoing cycle that continues as more people end up on the street. 

Leeds has seen the highest rate of homeless death this year after an annual increase. 

Recently the Local council has announced 600 new homes for affordable houseless and homeless to be built across Leeds as part of a new scheme. 

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