LIVE Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021

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  • Mercedes lodge appeal for the classification of the race result!

    Mercedes lodge two appeal to Max Verstappen who according to Mercedes  overtook Lewis Hamilton on the restart and also the classification of the result giving the result back from the safety car was deployed.

  • 14:24 safety car comes out, Max pits for sorts

    Latifi has crashed at turn 14, safety car is deployed, Max pitted for a set of softs and Lewis missed the pitlane, on lap 57, the safety car came in but 5 cars were allowed to overtake the safety car, with Max Verstappen being right behind Lewis for the restart. MAX VERSTAPPEN OVERTAKES LEWIS HAMILTON INTO TURN 5, and on last lap of the season the TITLE IS WON BY MAX VERSTAPPEN.

  • 14:11 lap 46 Lewis stuck in traffic

    He’s got a pack of cars which are Alonso, Ocon, Ricciardo, Leclerc, which my hamper his run but they see, to staying out of the way.

  • 13:59 Giovinazzi retires Brings VSC

    Giovinazzi retires to bring VSC out Max Verstappen has newer set of tyres which is making him quicker with a new set on the car, Lewis stayed out for track position.

  • 13:50 Bottas pits

    Bottas has pit from third and has moved down to eighth and is stuck behind Leclerc.

  • 13:45 Kimi retires from the race

    Lap 26 Kimi retires from the Grand Prix with a BBW issue and George Russell retires the lap after with no drive in his car, thanks Kimi

  • 13:36 Perez hold up Hamilton

    Verstappen had a gap, of 6 seconds which shrank to 1 second as Perez held Lewis up and the gap is on between the two on lap 25

  • 13:28 Max runs wide

    Max runs out wide out of turn 15, he’s stuck behind Sainz and missed an opportunity to see her passed, he’s passed him into turn 6 on lap 18

  • 13:21 lap 13 -14

    Verstappen says that he’s struggling now with his rear tyres, and they are going off quicker, Verstappen pits on lap 14 for hards, Hamilton pitted lap 15, Leclerc went off as Verstappen left the pitlane

  • 13:12 lap 5-10

    Bottas stuck in 8th, with Checo in third, Lewis keeps taking fastest lap after fastest lap, problem he’s got that he’s has to pit earlier to clear the pack so that they have clear air to get the right pace. Lewis will have to pit later and go longer

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