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Yorkshire has the worst electric car charging network in Britain

by Hashaam Yaqoob

The Yorkshire and Humber has the lowest number of electric charging points according to a survey by The Union Connectivity Review. 

The UCNR has revealed the region has just 21 public charging points per 100,000 people. 

This is a severe obstacle to the government’s plans to phase out petrol and diesel by 2030. 

The lack of charging points has given drivers “range anxiety” fearing that they will not reach the nearest charging points in time. 

A key recommendation from the report is to create a UkNet that can map out strategic locations and plot how best to link them together, whilst providing extra funding for underperforming areas. 

Local councils will be responsible to manage the roll-out of this infrastructure, but will need practical and financial assistance from the Uk government. 

By the end of 2021, it’s projected that one in 10 new cars in the UK will be electric. 

As the popularity of electric cars grows, engineers across the UK are facing a growing skill gap in repairing electric cars, which may also hinder plans for electrification. 

In addition to low emissions, the allure of electric cars is the low costs. 

It costs roughly £7 a month to charge an electric car, in comparison to rising petrol costs. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that new homes in England have to be built with home charging stations for electric cars from next year. 

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