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Owner of Leeds’ Lemon Locksmiths donates profits to Little Hiccups Charity

Andrew Dunn, the owner of Lemon Locksmiths in Leeds has donated the income he has generated from his business during lockdown to Little Hiccups charity

Dunn thought about doing so after recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

Dunn said: “The pandemic hit all businesses pretty hard. People weren’t going outside anymore and that meant that less people needed our services.”

Dunn went further to state “I wanted to show that small businesses can still do their bit to help their community, even if it is only a little bit of cash donated.”

Little Hiccups is Leeds based support group for disabled children, they offer a range of services, and they offer an opportunity for families to meet similar people.

Dunn said: “I decided to donate to Little Hiccups offer a lot of services during lockdown to a lot of kids including mine, who have felt socially isolated,

15.1% of disabled people aged 16 years and over in England who reported feeling lonely “often or always” was over four times that of non-disabled people.

Dunn first came across Little Hiccups through a mutual connection as the owner works for one of his customers.

Dunn said: “I have decided to give the income I generate from attending these lockouts for 2 weeks to the Little Hiccups charity to do my part to help.”

 Little Hiccups was set up by Linsay after raising her son who is disabled, the name Little Hiccups came to her after realising her son’s hiccups were seizures.

Hate crimes against disability have made West Yorkshire a hate-crime hot spot Police in the county saw more incidents of hate crime than anywhere else in England or Wales, with 935 recorded between April 2020 and March 2021.

Safe places such as Little Hiccups offers a respite from this.

Some of the services they offer include, counselling, hydrotherapy and family fun days.

Andrew Dunn has set up a donation page and hopes to raise as much money as possible.

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