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Medieval mayhem: Derbyshire’s bizarre Royal Shrovetide Football game kicks off in Ashbourne


By Elle Rigby

Thousands turned up to see the annual Royal Shrovetide Football sporting spectacle that takes place over Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday in Ashbourne.

The town divides into two teams, with goals three miles apart, as they battle for victory for eight hours over the course of two days.

Over the last few years, the Up’ards have remained victorious against the Down’ards, creating an unparalleled two day event of rivalry and feirce competition.

The ancient game defies health and safety regulations with the (scarce) rules dictating that there must be no murder or manslaughter, gardens and cemeteries  must not be entered and the ball must not be hidden in a bag or carried in a motorised vehicle.

Visit Ashbourne for the game if you dare…

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