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Leeds woman turns into new “superhero” with toiletries gifts to care homes

Tracey Dubinsky stood with her donations
Tracey Dubinsky
Tracey Dubinsky with some of the donations from family and friends.
 A Leeds woman says she has been overwhelmed by the response to her campaign to collect free toiletries for local care homes.

Tracey Dubinsky, 47, from Farsley heard about how the residents in care homes aren’t receiving any toiletries due to family and friends not being allowed to visit.

 Care homes in Farsley are struggling with getting basic need toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gels.

 “No one thinks of care homes, I didn’t until my friend mentioned it to me,” said Tracey. 

Tracey’s friend, who wished to remain anonymous, is a single mum working in a care home and was buying toiletries for the residents herself from her own money. 

Tracey had the idea to start collecting toiletries from friends and family, who were more than happy to help with the idea.

The Costa on Town Street in Horsforth put out a box as well after hearing what Tracey was doing; the box got filled to the top on many occasions.

 After making the first donation, Tracey’s friend said: “It’s overwhelming, it has made a massive difference to us. She is a superhero.” 

Tracey said: “it gives me a sense of purpose”.

She decided she wanted to start donating to more care homes in the area and put a Facebook post on the Farsley and Horsforth community page.

“To see the community come together is amazing and heart-warming.”

Tracey is getting flooded with comments and direct messages from people all over the surrounding areas. 

Someone aged 77 messaged Tracey asking if she could donate some to a care home as she was shielding and could not go out.

Tracey commented that it was “heartbreaking” to see messages from people who were shielding and couldn’t supply their family members with what they need.

She has had money sent to her with people asking if she can travel to places such as Pudsey, Horsforth and Halifax.

With all the donations, Tracey is struggling to fit it all into her living room and is putting together hampers to make sure all the care homes are receiving what they need.

 Tracey has no plans of stopping any time soon and wants to carry on for as long as she can helping make a difference.

If you would like to donate or help, Tracey needs men’s toiletries – mainly shaving cream, combs and body cream.

You can contact her through her posts on the community pages.

 Facebook post link:      

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