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To Snow Globes and Beyond: Selby woman sells limited edition snow globe for £1400

Yorkshire Voice The Sword in The Stone snow globe worth £1400. Photo: Beth-Emily

By Khya Gott

A Yorkshire woman has sold a collector’s item snow globe for £1400. 

Snow Globes are ornaments that hold the shape of a transparent dome and when shaken or turned on create a snow explosion with sound or flashing lights.

The globes can be found in many different forms, such as Disney or Pixar. They can even be personalised on some websites with your own images. 

Beth-Emily from Selby, North Yorkshire, buys, sells and fixes damaged globes to send to other collectors.  

She said: “I collect Disney snow globes which are around 20 years old.  

“I currently have around 250 snow globes. 

“I have bought quite a lot from the USA and I’ve posted them to the USA and Australia. 

“My Sword in the Stone globe sold for £1400.” 

Cinderella Snow Globe that is worth £175. Video: Beth-Emily.

Social media platform Facebook has a group for people who sell and collect snow globes globally and nationally.  

This group – called Disney snow globes and figures UK and Worldwide for sale – has over two thousand members. 

Much like Beth-Emily, there are other people in the group on Facebook who have a big collection of globes, including Kaileigh McKnight, from Kent who has 76 globes.

She said: “I have always been really into Disney since I was small and collected pin, plushies and dolls but a few years back I was at a car boot sale and bought a job lot for £95. 

“I just sold on one eBay for £500.” 

Yorkshire Voice Image by Beth-Emily

Snow globes can be packaged and sent around the world, with lots of people in the group based in the UK or the USA. 

Carrie Arthur, from Virginia in the USA, also collects snow globes and is a member of the Facebook group.  

She said: “I have about 60 large detailed globes. 

“I have shipped all over the world. Italy is probably the furthest place I have shipped.” 

Snow Globes can be priced and sold for between, roughly, £50 and £1400.  

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