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Bradford Game store sees sales surge

Yorkshire Voice Copyright Stephen Craven

A Bradford Game store has sold out of all next generation consoles, including the PS5 and Xbox Series X in less than a day.

“We coped well considering how COVID has affected our deliveries,” Kirstie Rothwell, the store manager of Game, said.

“We got between 100-150 allocations of each console, and all of those were pre-ordered within the first day.”

The Game store, which is in the Broadway shopping centre in Bradford, no longer has any pre-order availability on all versions of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X consoles.

It’s not just Game stores that have been affected by the rush of pre-orders. Curry’s PC World stores sold out online in just 10 minutes, with its physical stores not so far behind, selling out in just four hours.

According to Derek Strickland, the PlayStation 5 is expected to sell five million units in 2020, with its competitor the Series X predicted to sell just 3.9 million units in the first year.

That’s an increase of 800,000 units since the PS4, and an increase of 900,000 for the Xbox since 2013.

The new Sony console will feature faster loading times in contrast to its previous model, with some game loading times being reduced from 8 seconds to 0.8 of a second.

Sony’s opponent has also pledged to run most games at 4k resolution and 60fps, meaning that the games graphics will be extremely realistic.

Bradford based gamer, Mohammad Raja, known as Z3E on YouTube, said the decision between the two consoles isn’t so crucial now that cross platform gaming is becoming more available.

“The safer option for me would be the Series X because it’s a more powerful console,

“As a youngster I had the first two PlayStation consoles, but have moved to Xbox because they’re more user friendly.”

Microsoft were contacted, but said they weren’t able to provide any official comment or response on sales numbers.

PlayStation 5 consoles range between £359.99 and £459.99 for the Digital Edition and Standard Edition respectively, and the Series X console can be bought for £449.99.

The Xbox console will be released in the UK on 10th November, and the PS5 on the 19th.

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