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Horsforth woman’s rallying call to help child refugees in Syria


By Lina Arshad and Jack Goodman

LOCAL BUSINESSES and residents in and around Horsforth are doing their bit to help Syrian refugee children during the festive period.
Horsforth resident Lisa Koi has galvanised the community after learning that her friend had volunteered to travel to Lebanon and Syria in early January with the charity Jackit, which aims to gather as many children’s coats as possible.

Ms Koi has recruited several local businesses to act as a drop off points for members of the community who donate coats.

She has been raising awareness of the charity through a Horsforth community Facebook group, where she discussed and welcomed the opportunity for businesses and individuals to get involved with the appeal.

She said: “Like many other people I watch the news and feel deeply upset by the suffering I see there. I am a mum of four young boys and I cannot imagine the pain and distress of these poor children.

“I asked if I should ask around and try and get a collection going – he said yes so that’s what I did.”

Ms Koi added that collection points are vital for the ease of transportation and gathering of the coats, and was overwhelmed by the response to her plea on Facebook – with at least eight businesses getting involved.

One company participating is Meridian Security of Horsforth, which has volunteered itself as a designated collection point.

A spokesperson from the company said: “The guys involved were struggling to find a good space in Horsforth to use as a collection point, so they approached us and we were more than happy to help.

“It’s such a tragedy what’s happening out there, so if you can help in any way, you do.”

Other drop off points include Card Horsforth and Framegame in Kirkstall.

Anyone willing and able to contribute should contact their nearest drop off point for more information.

Cash donations to the Jackit charity can be made at

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