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Christmas cheer for Leeds army veteran whose stolen motorbike has been found

Ex-solider David Hames was devastated when burglars stole his motorbike and ransacked his house, leaving his medals strewn on the floor

By Anna Riley

AN ARMY veteran was told by police last night that his beloved stolen motorbike has been found and will be returned to him in time for the New Year.

Yorkshire Voice reported how David Hames was burgled two weeks ago while he was out on a Help for Heroes training course.

His motorbike, which was custom sprayed with the charity’s logos, was stolen, as well as other valuables.

Motorbike-mad David, of Gipton, Leeds, was devastated to lose his bike, as it had given him a new lease of life after having to retire from the army after 15 years on medical grounds.

David said: “Last night I was woken up to a call from the police letting me know they had seized my bike from the back of a truck in Dover.

“I just didn’t believe it when I was told that I was getting my bike back – I was just so happy and absolutely overwhelmed. This has made my Christmas.

“I couldn’t sleep a wink last night as I was so excited that it had been found.

“I’m just so thankful to everyone who has shared the Yorkshire Voice article and my Facebook posts about my stolen bike and have been messaging everyone this morning to thank them and give the update that it has been found.

“I’ll still have to get new keys and a lock cut for the bike, but it is so much better than not getting it back at all.

“I just can’t stop smiling.”

The distinctive vehicle was found on the back of a lorry that was headed for Poland. Forensic checks are currently being conducted on the bike to discover who the thieves are.

As soon as this police work is complete, David will have his motorbike handed back to him in time for the New Year, allowing him to get back on the road on the bike he loves.

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