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Local residents support planned proposal for Horsforth Lidl but traffic concerns remain

 Residents have expressed support for a proposal to build a Lidl on Low Lane, Horsforth, although some have expressed traffic concerns.  

The proposed development will see the demolition of several existing industrial units that are collectively referred to as the Woodside Trading estate.

The demolition also includes the Horsforth Driving Test Centre currently located in Woodside House, with plans for the Driving Test Centre to be relocated.

The store will be located on the south-eastern side of the site with space to build a car park in the northern part, consisting of 121 spaces, with eight disabled spaces and eight parent and child spaces alongside two electric vehicles charging points.

The independent national planning consultancy business DPP oversees the Lidl proposal and provides more information on their website.

Yorkshire Voice Picture of the proposed site for the new LIdl on Low Lane, Horsforth. The white building on the right is the Woodside House, one of the buildings set for demolition.

Residents have expressed initial support for the proposal, citing reasons which included greater item variety and cost reductions particularly travel costs.

Maria Govacs, mother of four, of Low lane said: ‘‘I am supportive of the move, it is better for me and my family.

‘’The Lidl will provide greater variety of groceries for myself and other residents.

‘’Hopefully, the groceries will be cheaper, which will reduce travel costs as I regularly go to supermarkets outside of Horsforth and in Leeds for my shopping.’’

However, some residents also expressed potential environmental and traffic concerns.

Paul Woods and Jean Woods of Low Lane said: ‘’We welcome the move and the potential positive impact on creating local jobs and ending the monopoly Morrisons on Town Street currently holds.

‘’However, we are concerned about the environmental impact on the nearby trees and wooded area.’’

Traffic concerns were also raised. ‘’The small road already experiences enough congestion, it’s a busy road, and the proposed Lidl despite including a car park could see traffic congestion increase and make the road more dangerous for residents.

“We would be much happier if the plans included the building of more road crossing down the street or potentially the building of speed bumps to avoid accidents.’’

Yorkshire Voice Picture of Low Lane road just outside the Woodside house and proposed Lidl Site, with parked residential vehicles and partial traffic congestion in the background

An official response by the Horsforth Town Council’s Planning Committee stated: “Horsforth Town Council welcomes the development and feels that a competitively priced supermarket will benefit Horsforth residents greatly.’’

However, they expressed traffic concerns and have implored DPP to investigate the possibility of a new access road at the opposite end of the site and to incorporate a one-way system for traffic entering and leaving the site.

DPP has stated that the development will see all trees to the back of the site protected from construction work, and there will be no impact from development on Old Mill Beck or the adjacent wildlife areas. But it has yet to comment on addressing traffic concerns.

DPP held its local resident consultation phase in May to take comments by email or post, with the consultation phase ending on 29 May 2020.

The company has yet to officially submit the planning proposal for approval to Leeds City Council.

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