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Bradford Council chief executive starts preparations for General Election

By Kelly Woodward

People of Bradford have been urged to vote in June’s General Election to get their voices heard.


Kersten England, Chief Executive of Bradford Council

Over 200 polling stations will be opened across the city’s five constituencies to ensure as many people as possible have the best accessibility to vote.

Kersten England, the chief executive of Bradford Council and now acting returning officer for the General Election wants to reiterate the importance of voting.

She said: “Make sure you have registered to vote by May 22.

“Don’t pass up on the opportunity to make your voice heard in June.”

The General Election was a surprise to England and her team as it was to the nation.

England said she was on her last day of annual leave when she heard the announcement from Prime Minister Theresa May and preparations started straight away for the city of Bradford.

Councillors usually have longer than seven weeks to prepare for General Elections.

However, this quick turnaround doesn’t seem to bother England.

She said, “It will be a challenge. It always is a challenge.

“It’s a huge logistical exercise but I have a great team. We’ve done it before and I’m confident that we will deliver.

“It’s something we’re used to doing.”

Britain will head to the polls on June 8.

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