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Alternative Travel Around Leeds City Centre

Water taxi in Leeds.

By Mellissa Dzinzi.

An alternative travel service is being offered to members of the public and commuters to promote less use of cars and promote public transport around Leeds city centre.

A water taxi service provided by Leeds Docklands believe this is a great way to encourage people to seek other ways to travel around the city and create less pollution in a way which is also good for tourism.

Richard Green, 44, Water Taxi Driver, said: “The water taxi has introduced a lot of people to the waterways around Leeds

We still get people everyday who get on and say they didn’t know there was a river in Leeds.”

The company is funded by Allied London and has ran successfully throughout the year, guaranteed the weather permits.

The boats run from Leeds Dock through to Granary Wharf near the town train station from 7am through to 7pm everyday.

Follow the water taxi twitter for daily updates

Richard added: “For me its not a money making thing and we get busy especially during school holidays

It helps teach people from Leeds a little more about the waterways.”

The council is actively working with the government as a part of the clean air strategy which is aiming to improve the air quality in the city by 2020.

Over £70,000 is being invested to public transport companies such as First Leeds by the council to encourage vehicles with low or zero emissions to be used around the city.

Councillor James Lewis, Leeds City Council Executive Board Member for Resources and Sustainability said: “A number of measures to address public transport and connectivity in the city have been announced as part of connecting Leeds.”

The campaign aims to create clean air to breath for all communities.


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