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After five years Gabby Logan bows out as chancellor of Leeds Trinity University

By Mellissa Dzinzi

Gabby Logan, the chancellor of Leeds Trinity University, has attended her last graduation after five years in the role.

The BBC presenter celebrated her final ceremony on Wednesday, when she presented 150 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to graduates.

Even though she will no longer be the chancellor, Gabby has confirmed she will still be involved in supporting students at university.

Gabby said: “Although I am handing over my position to someone else, I am not leaving in the sense of not being involved anymore.

“I will be available anytime I can be to come back to talk to students, or get involved to promote the university.”

Students at Leeds Trinity have wished Gabby all the best in her career. They appear grateful for the work she has done during her years as the chancellor for the university.

Ahdam Rana, 19, a Film and Television Studies student, said: “I can imagine for some people this being a sad thing. She has been here at the university for a long time.

“She has spent a long time in the role it must mean she was really good at her job and people must have liked her.”

Gabby was announced as the first chancellor of Leeds Trinity University in 2013 but it was confirmed in November that she will be stepping down from her post.

She added: “My life will carry on as it is now which is very busy with my broadcasting, charity work, my family and other things that I do. I am very proud to be part of the community at Leeds Trinity and to hold the post as their very first chancellor.

“I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to come up to Leeds Trinity for speeches and other exciting ventures that the university was going to be involved in.”

A new chancellor for the university is yet to be announced.

Professor Margaret A House, the vice-chancellor, added: “We have been honoured to have Gabby as our first chancellor, and whoever replaces her as our next chancellor – they will certainly have big shoes to fill.”

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