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A guide to the top 5 lockdown listens

By Grace Pritchard

Day 29 of lockdown. Have you scrolled through everything on Netflix, Amazon Prime AND Disney+? Got on the Sims hype and fallen back off of it again? And just can’t bear to part with upwards of £200 to play Animal Crossings: New Horizons?

Well, podcasts might be the perfect companion to help you while the days away. Here’s a Yorkshire Voice guide to the quarantine must-listens…

  1. Off menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster 

    Off Menu Podcast

Each week the pair host a different guest, with previous ones including Dara O Briain, Dynamo and Jess Phillips MP. A varied platter.

Each guest orders their dream meal starter, main and dessert. Each course is then cross-examined by the duo, presumptions made about the guest from their every choice. How you like your water decides your class background.

Sparkling, posho!

If you like food, laughs and nosing into the lives of others this is for you.


  1. My Dad Wrote a Porno 

    My Dad Wrote A Porno

The premise of this podcast alone is enough to get you laughing from the off. Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine narrate these one-of-a-kind hilariously embarrassing series of erotic fiction written by Jamie Morton’s dad.

My Dad Wrote a Porno is now onto its fifth series and I can guarantee will keep you entertained for endless hours.

You’ve got a hilarious journey to go on with Belinda Blinked.




  1. Desert Island Discs

    Desert Island Discs

The old reliable! Desert Island Discs is a classic, first broadcast January 29, 1942 and the very first castaway was comedian, actor and musician Vic Oliver. While presenters have changed over the years the concept has remained the same, a well-known person is cast away to a desert island and can only take eight tracks with them to the island.

You can listen back to archived broadcasts wherever you get your podcasts and the line-up of castaways interviewed over the years will have you laughing, crying and thinking.

A personal favourite of mine features screenwriter Russell T Davies, a great one to cut your teeth on if you’re a Desert Island Disc novice.


  1. Out with Suzi Ruffell

    Out with Suzi Ruffell

The newest podcast mentioned in this list but is already gaining momentum. Comedian Suzi Ruffell is now on her third episode of the new series, the latest featuring barrister and author Mohsin Zaidi. In this podcast series Suzi spends an hour chatting with well-known LGBT+ people and letting them tell their coming out story.

Each coming out conversation is different, interesting and emotional. Definitely a must-listen!




  1. Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

    Have You Heard About George’s Podcast?

George Mpanga (George the Poet) brings us his fresh take on inner city life. In the podcast Mpanga flips between poetry, history, music and fiction. The series has a powerful message and every episode is enlightening. Mpanga is clear that his aim in the series is to empower BAME kids. There is so much packed into this series but you can hear that Mpanga still has more to give.



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