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World Cup qualifiers overshadowed by poppy controversy

By Chloe Horswill

The much-anticipated World Cup qualifier between England and Scotland on Friday was shadowed by an argument over a ban to wear poppies on Remembrance Day.

Fifa prohibits teams from showing political, religious or commercial messages on their shirts during a match and they have said that poppies fall into one these categories.

All of the home nations became involved in the arguments as fans reacted to the split decisions that the FAs around Britain had decided.

While Wales and Northern Ireland decided to wear plain black armbands for their matches, England and Scotland defied the regulation and wore the poppies in remembrance instead.

Prime Minister Theresa May said she was not happy with the decision that Fifa made when they turned down a request from England and Scotland to wear them.

At prime minister’s questions she said: “Our football players want to recognise and respect those who have given their lives for our safety and security. I think it is absolutely right they should be able to do so.”

By doing this, England risked a fine or point deduction in their World Cup group, but the FA stood firm and said that their case against Fifa will be “rock solid”.

However, the FA Wales have made their case that they can’t afford to be hit with a financial penalty or a point deduction at this stage.

Some fans reacted angrily on Twitter, some towards Fifa but the majority towards the FAW for the reasons stated behind their decision.

As well as the player’s wearing black armbands during the game, the Welsh fans will form a poppy mosaic before kick-off around the Cardiff City stadium.

Although the opinion amongst fans is split, one fan on Twitter decided to put a more positive light on the other things that the FAW are doing due to the team not being able to wear poppies.


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