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Women’s Safety Workshop in Nowell Mount Community Centre

This is about women who have experience harassment, discomfort and uncertainty from men of all walks of life, throughout their years of been a woman living in Leeds.

The story begins with Dawn and Marie creating a focus group for women in Leeds to come, sit down and discuss their uncomfortable encounter with men and measures they took to overcome and feel a bit more safe when roaming the streets.

The workshop is held every Friday at the Nowell Mount Community Centre, inviting guest that can either give professional advice, sisterly support and/or handout ‘rape whistles’ or ‘rape alarms’ to the lot.

Guest such as Sharon, gave out advice and explain the procedure and steps in reporting any crimes that relate to this kind of incident. As well as Trina, was informed all on different apps created for the safety of women and how to use them successfully; alongside her bring along police officers to further explain the process which is taken after reporting a crime.

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