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Women’s Equality party leader believes Shipley deserves more from their MP

The battle for the seat in Shipley is being billed as one of the most fascinating clashes of the general election.

Sophie Walker leader of Women’s Equality party- picture from @SophieRunning Twitter account

Women’s Equality party leader Sophie Walker is looking to unseat conservative MP Phillip Davies after he ‘called for the scrapping of the minimum wage’ and ‘voted against same sex marriage’.

She said: “I believe that Shipley deserves an MP who will prioritise representing them and the issues that are important in their constituency rather than using parliament as a stage to play out their own attention seeking performances.”

“Phillip Davies has put his own ego ahead of his constituents and he has turned the privilege of being a local MP into a national anti-equality platform.”

“I’m really looking forward to holding Phillip Davies and his party to account because on their watch we have seen a huge disproportionate impact on women.”

Miss Walker was keen to express that she would represent the whole Shipley community not just women. She wants to see more male primary school teachers and claims that equality is better for everybody not just women.

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