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Violent attack leaves Selby man hospitalised with neck wound

Photo from Google Maps

By Brandon Norbury

TWO MEN have been released on bail after a 30-year–old man was stabbed in the neck near Selby town centre.

The men were arrested following the assault shortly before midnight on Monday in Millgate. The attack resulted in the victim being taken to hospital with a wound to his neck. He was released after treatment in the early hours of Tuesday.

A spokesperson from North Yorkshire Police said: “A-36-year-old man from York and a 22-year-old man from Selby were arrested in connection with the incident. They have both been released on bail pending further enquiries.”

The two men arrested for the crime had minor injuries as a result of the incident.

The street was cordoned off while police searched the crime scene.

Ann Paton, 66, of Millgate said: “The police had blocked the path and put those little numbered tags all over. It looked very serious and frightening. It’s happening a lot in this area and I don’t feel safe to go out after dark now.”

Sarah Mahon, 41, of Germain Road, said: “I arrived at my mum’s house on Millgate to see police marking out a crime scene and taking pictures. When I told my mum and she came to her front door I could see she was worried.”

Local residents took to the Facebook group “Save our Selby! S.O.S” and reported that a baseball bat and a hammer were found underneath a trailer on the same street as the crime.

They also expressed concern over the frequency of violent attacks in that area as well as a lack of street lighting.

One member of the Facebook Group, Lou Spannermum, confirmed the incident happened near where she lived, and posted: “Man stabbed in neck. Blood splatters over front of car so forensics cordoned it off whilst taking samples. Police moved our trailer and found two weapons stashed underneath it; a baseball bat and a hammer both of which had blood stains.”

Laura Davies posted: “Selby doesn’t seem safe anymore.”

Stacey Sidwell also posted: “Again down the same street. My god. Hope he’s okay. Selby is getting bad.”


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