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Thackray Medical Museum’s LEGO fundraiser build raises £1,700 so far

By Harry McMullen

A project to construct a LEGO version of the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds has so far raised £1,700 towards plans to create new galleries, according to the organisers.

The Thackray in LEGO Bricks build will see the museum’s grade two listed, 18th century building reconstructed into a 1:25 scale model using LEGO bricks.

The LEGO model, which has been designed by a specialist designer in Glasgow, will be made up of 150,000 bricks and when finished, will stand three metres long and one metre wide.

The museum is selling bricks for one pound each, which are then added to the LEGO build by visitors, and the museum hopes to raise £150,000 from the project.

Katie Clark, the LEGO project coordinator said: “The build is a great way to make money, kids can feel like they are a big part of the project as they literally build it themselves.”

Although £1,700 has been raised so far from the building project, Katie admits it will be a lengthy project.

She said: “The interaction so far has been overwhelming, it is now the main attraction at the museum but there is a long way to go, we only have 1,700 of the 150,000 bricks down.”

Judith Knox, museum manager, explains the money made from the Thackray in LEGO Bricks project will be used to generate money for the project. A Healthy Future.

The project aims to create brand new galleries, make the museum’s collections more accessible and sustain the museum’s grade two listed building.

She said: “The museum wanted to find a way of raising money that is fun and engaging, and as LEGO appeals to everyone, it’s something that everyone can get involved with.”

The build will be active for the foreseeable future and the museum welcomes people of all ages to get involved with the build in any way they can.

All the relevant information on the build is available on the Thackray in LEGO Bricks web page.

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