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Residents feel unsafe in Bradford

Bradford Town Hall

By Anders Anglesey

Bradford residents do not feel safe in their city according to a survey published by YouGov earlier today.

The poll, based on residents perceptions, declared Bradford as Britain’s least safe city and was the only city out of a shortlist of ten major cities where the majority of respondent s feeling unsafe (42%) rather than safe (35%).

Resident, Annis Husain, can understand why those surveyed may find Bradford to be a dangerous place, but invited people to see what the city for themselves.

He said: “Drugs and guns, I think that’s whatsome people are afraid of, but you get that everywhere. You can’t blame Bradford for that and I feel perfectly safe here.

“A lot of people come from outside of Bradford come here to visit our famous shisha lounges, restaurants and other places, and if they stayed for a couple days more they’d like it.”

Edinburgh topped the list of safest cities, with Bristol and Sheffield being considered fairly safe by those polled.

Birmingham and Glasgow fared marginally better than Bradford, but its neighbour, Leeds, was considered to be the UK’s fourth safest city.

YouGov’s list in full:

Safe/Unsafe %

1. Edinburgh- 67/14
2. Bristol- 57/19
3. Sheffield-50/25
4. Leeds-47/30
5. Liverpool-48/32
6. London- 53/39
7. Manchester- 47/34
8. Glasgow-44/38
9. Birmingham-41/41
10. Bradford- 35/42

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