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Shipley street WhatsApp group spreads ‘much appreciated’ positivity through the Coronavirus

Norwood Terrace, Shipley














By Immy Share

A mum and her five-year-old daughter, of Norwood Terrace in Shipley, posted notes through over 70 of their neighbours’ doors last week offering support for those who are self-isolating due to the virus.

Husband and wife, Simon and Jasmine Clarke, attached their phone numbers to each note which encouraged their neighbours to message them with names and phone numbers to begin a WhatsApp group for the street.

Jasmine and Simon’s note to their neighbours

Jasmine told Yorkshire Voice: “It’s a way we can connect with our street and see what we can do to help each other in the coming weeks or months.

“My daughter gets really excited when we tell her who’s joining, and we walk down the street and point out the numbers to her so she knows who’s in the group.

“She knows that life is changing but we go to church and are all about helping others so she knows we are doing this to help each other because people are worse off than us.”

The group has already got twenty-five houses involved, and has encouraged the sharing of items such as flour, nappies and toilet roll.

“We’ve had flowers being dropped off at people’s front doors who are self-isolating, and one family put bird seed in someone else’s front garden so that self-isolating family get to see birds.” Jasmine added.

Flowers delivered to a self-isolating family

Jasmine also shared a message she had received from one of her neighbours: “Speaking of sticking together, Jaz thank you so much for my lovely gifts! I’m on day 4 of self isolation and it was a much appreciated pick me up :)”

Older members of the group who do not use WhatsApp have contacted Jasmine separately asking for help when they need it.

She also said she hasn’t really known her neighbours before now, but it’s been amazing to get to know them.

“The amount of people that are so grateful for it and the fact we’ll all know each other more when we come out of this crisis and be able to support each other as a street in years to come.

“We will keep the group open and hopefully have street parties in the summer if things have cleared up.”

Jasmine added: “The street is really coming together and we are all loving it.”

Another Norwood Terrace resident, Rachel Lewis, told Yorkshire Voice that there has been talk of bulk shopping to minimise contact, with people putting orders in to maintain lockdown efficiently.

She said: “Information and jokes are being shared by many who previously only knew their immediate neighbours and there’s a real sense of caring community.

“People are sharing learning resources for children, offering support and friendship and even baking cakes and dropping presents to household folk to cheer them up.

“It’s a joy to see!” she added.



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