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“Remarkable, emotional and uplifting”: Blind TV presenter Amar Latif set to appear at Leeds Trinity Journalism Week

By Joseph Greenough –

Amar Latif will be speaking at Leeds Trinity journalism week on Thursday November 7.

Amar is a TV presenter, international motivational speaker, entrepreneur and world traveller.

He will be giving a lecture on overcoming his blindness and his array of accomplishments in the media industry, which are impressive by any standard.

In 2005 he appeared on the BBC 2 reality series Beyond Boundaries, in which he completed a 220-mile jungle expedition across Central America.

In 2015, he led presenters of channel 4’s The Last Leg on a 3,000-mile journey through Australia’s Outback.

He’s also worked on multiple documentaries, including Channel 4’s Sightseeing Blind, which was featured at the British Film Institute, and most recently directed River Walks, which won the Best Single Documentary award at the 2019 RTS Awards ceremony in Leeds.

Glyn Middleton, a senior lecturer at Leeds Trinity said: “I’m thrilled that Amar Latif has found time in his busy schedule to take part in our Journalism & Media Week, because I believe that our students will find his work remarkable, emotional and uplifting.

“He may have lost his sight while still in his teens, but he refuses to be limited by his disability.”

Amar’s lecture Travelling Blind will be taking place at 3pm in the auditorium.

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