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Rain stops play at new Scarcroft children’s facility delayed by bad weather


By Lina Arshad

CHILDREN WILL have to wait months to use a new playground in Scarcroft as developments have been delayed due to bad weather.

A statement released by Scarcroft Village Hall on October 20 addressed the disruption to the planned playground opening, despite initial aims to have it finished by early November at the latest.

The statement said: “There is still a way to go before it will be ready for use and our date for the playground opening has had to be delayed.”

The construction work which began on October 10 has so far seen the building of basic structures for several pieces of equipment.

Due to the recent rainfall which required draining, the playground equipment specialists, Timberplay, have chosen to leave a majority of the playground incomplete to prevent temptation from locals to use it.

Scarcroft Village Hall representatives have said: “It is now unlikely that the playground will be open before next spring.”

The land was gifted to the Parish Council as a negotiation made with the landowner of the new builds at the Castle Croft estate.

The choice to transform this land into a playground was decided following a survey reviewing the Neighbourhood Plan, which suggested a lack of public space or play areas.

However, the survey response rate was only 30% and the playground plans have faced some criticism.

Breeda Murray, chair of Scarcroft Parish Council said: “Initially we did have some concerns about the cost of the playground, however we gave reassurance that the money used came from donations and was set specifically for this purpose.”

The playground has cost a total of £90,836 with £8,836 gained through local donations.

A working group of residents are responsible for this amount through their various fundraising and leafletting activities – most notably their efforts at the 2015 New Inn Christmas Tree Light Switch On.

The donations reportedly ranged from £40 to the price of a whole piece of equipment – all of which cost thousands.

The extensive equipment includes a twin set of swings and a large gated zip-wire, with the most expensive piece of equipment being a multi-purpose wooden hut.

Undeterred by the news about the delay, locals remained enthusiastic about the plans.

Denise Anwar, local resident and grandmother to seven, said: “I think it is a jolly good idea because we have nothing else around.

“It will bring the community together that will have young children, but it is such a shame about the delay.

“I don’t know why precautionary measures were not taken.”

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