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QUIZ: How Yorkshire are you?

By Paul Marsden

With Yorkshire Day coming up this Saturday come and see how well you know the county.
Test yourself in our Yorkshire quiz to see if you should be considered a local legend or should trudge around shamefaced at your lack of Yorkie knowledge.

Good luck!

How Yorkshire are you?

You may have a flat cap, gone to watch the Tour de France last year and enjoy leisurely walks in the countryside but just how Yorkshire are you?

Pit your wits against our test to find out if you are a true Yorkshire great or you should be relearning Ilkley moor bar t’at.

What should you have on your Yorkshire pudding?

Ice cream

Chocolate sauce

Gravy – and lots of it!


Sometimes life is a bit hard, even though we don’t like to moan. But what tipple do Yorkshiremen traditionally like to relax with?


Real ale


A gin and tonic

What is Yorkshire best known as?

Heaven’s backyard

God’s own country

Geoff Boycott’s garden

What do we do when we ‘go t’werk’?

Go and earn some dosh

Dance like Miley Cyrus

Who would we say ‘alright love’ to?

A long-term partner or wife

Everyone we meet

Someone we were trying to flirt with

What temperature equals t-shirt weather in Yorkshire?




35c – like it is in Corfu!

If someone is being ‘mardy’ they are?

Having a right strop

A bit hungry

In need of a good lie down

What time do we have dinner in Yorkshire?

About 6pm

About 1pm

About 8pm

About 4pm

Yorkshire is the home of British cricket. The Tykes last County Championship was in?





Compo is?

What you receive when you have an accident

That guy from Last of the Summer Wine

Now then, bit of work to do here

Time for the hard word now. You’d better stock up on Yorkshire Tea and parkin and make notes while watching that Heartbeat boxset to learn more.

Getting there

You’re not too far off. But it still wouldn’t hurt to get out and about to absorb some more of that Yorkie culture.

Top work

You’re near as makes n’matter to being a top Yorkie. Take your place amongst Yorkshire’s favourite sons and daughters.

Picture of flag on homepage by Steven Taylor/Flickr

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