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Price of wedding gowns to rise after the Brexit


Wedding dresses at Marie Blanche Bridal


By Bethany Armer

The UK’s decision to split from Europe is having an unexpected effect… on people getting married.

The cost of wedding dresses is shooting up as the price of imported materials rises ahead of Brexit, according to one bridal shop owner.

Marie Whomes who runs a shop on Doncaster Road, Barnsley, has already seen a sharp rise in prices of wedding dresses by one of the designers she stocks due to the decision to leave Europe, which was made in a nationwide referendum last June.

Marie, whose shop caters for plus-sized women said: “One designer has raised their prices by 20% – touch wood no-one else that we stock has yet, however I would think that would alter in the future.”

She says her customers will be particularly hit because of the increase in demand for larger wedding dresses – which obviously need more material – as the average women’s body shape and size goes up.

Marie said: “There has been a rise in the number of plus sized dresses sold, there is definitely more of a demand for larger dresses. We are thinking of stocking from a size 18 or 20 upwards and not stocking 16 at all. We will still get same amount of custom.

I think the Brexit will hit us later on definitely, because we’re not actually out of the EU yet are we. I think that’s when we’ll be able to tell whether it has really affected us. The designers might put the prices up because of the cost and amount of material and that will affect us.”


Dresses at Marie Blanche Bridal


For some, Brexit has not had a negative effect. 27-year-old Jade Ring got married in October wearing a size 10 dress. She said: “I don’t think Brexit has had any bearing on the price of dresses just yet, although I think in the long run it will, of course, have an impact.

“Having said that there is a huge market for “British made” products and, more importantly, there’s an appetite for it so it might be that brides-to-be look for more “home grown” gowns.

“I think the price increases will not be unfair – wedding gowns are kind of “expected” to cost a fair amount – but what I do think is unfair is that either brides will have to sacrifice other elements of their wedding to pay for the dress.”


Tips for saving money on your wedding if the cost of gowns are on the rise

          Flowers. Do they really have to be real? You can buy cheaper, fake alternatives you will not have to throw away

          Make your own invites. This is not only fun but it is also a nice personal touch that people will appreciate

          Do not buy for the sake of it, do you really need those fancy silver napkin holders?

          Shop around, don’t commit straight away. Often people feel pressured to have things sorted as soon as possible. Planning and organising is very important but you can save yourself some pretty pennies by being more picky

          After you have saved all this money then splurge out on your honeymoon because after all – you deserve it. Weddings are stressful.

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