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Pottery Collection by the disabled to go on display in Leeds

by Gayathri Kanagasundaram

A unique pottery collection is to go on display at the Leeds Discovery Centre in April.

Helen Pratt (left) with budding pottery artist Carol O'Neile and John Roles, head of Leeds museum

Helen Pratt (left) with budding pottery artist Carol O’Neile and John Roles, head of Leeds museum











The Temple Newsam House in Leeds unveiled a pottery collection made byadults with physical disabilities from the Osmondthorpe Resource Centre on Wednesday.

Helen Pratt, assistant curator at the Temple Newsam House, said: “I am absolutely delighted to be part of this project.  I have not been here very long and I wanted to use the contacts I have acquired in the past to make this possible.”

The visitors of the centre had come in for pottery workshops and the tutors were so impressed by what they did that they decided to put the collection on display.

Ms Pratt said: “They came for tour around our museums and were so inspired by what they saw and it was clearly seen by their creations that day.”

Ms Pratt also revealed that she would like to do more for the disabled community and with her contacts, she believes she can.

“We have got so much lined up for this including a Grayson Perry exhibition which should hopefully encourage everyone to get involved with art more.”

The exhibition will be opening at Leeds Discovery Centre next Tuesday.


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