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Positivity on new Huddersfield signings from manager Darren Moore

I heard from Huddersfield new signing Radinio Balker and manager Darren Moore ahead of their trip to QPR on Sunday.

In the conference with new signing Radinio Balker, he was asked a question about working with defender Michael Hellick. Balker said “if I play like I’m gonna help him to get to 10 because if get to 10 as a defender I mean that would be and of course I’m gonna try to score my own goals but if if I can help him get to 10 then that would be amazing.”

He was also asked if he met Arjen Robben in this time at Groningen.

“Well first of all when I signed it still like he was playing there because I signed in January and he was still injured back but then the plan was for him to stay for another year but unfortunately in the summer he decided to stop playing”

“I spoke to him once or twice and yeah of course you can tell like he’s very professional he’s still very fit and yeah you can really tell he’s a legend in Corona of course”

in Darren Moors press conference he touched on the signings and the transfer window that overall came across very positive.

When asked about if this is the biggest game of the season Moore said

“yes it definitely the toughest game because it’s it’s the next one and Theo and so for use it’s all any game we have coming up to we just put all are energies into the next game and just focus and this game our eyes and our focus.”

next asked about transfers and the transfer window whether this would help them to get away from the relegation zone Moore commented

“absolutely that’s the game that’s always been the aim and was to manage the situation the best as we could from the first part but certainly get to the transfer window make one or two signings which would help the team.”

It sounds pretty positive coming from the manager are they going to search of the three points on Sunday at Loftus Rd.

What do you think?