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Piers Morgan: “Decrepit” Biden likely to lose to Trump

Outspoken broadcaster Piers Morgan believes the American people “clearly don’t want Biden as President”, and that a second term of Donald Trump is likely.

Piers Morgan, interviewed by Leeds Trinity University’s Leigh Purves

Speaking to students at Leeds Trinity University as part of their annual Journalism and Media Week, Mr Morgan spoke candidly about how he became friends with the former President, businessman and television personality – and how he thinks there is a strong possibility he will win the 2024 Presidential election. 

He said: “Anyone who’s sitting there today thinking Donald Trump can’t be President again by this time next year, they’re living in cloud cuckoo land. 

“The latest poll that’s come out in America shows that he’s ahead of Biden quite comfortably in five of the six swing states.” 

Broadcaster and journalist Morgan, 58, who presents the nightly current affairs show Piers Morgan Uncensored on Talk TV and on other channels internationally, said that it is extraordinary that the United States is facing the prospect of having a President who has nearly a hundred criminal charges against him. 

He said: “Each time he gets charged, his poll numbers go up.” 

Speaking about his relationship with Trump, Mr Morgan said: “I know what Donald Trump’s like, I’ve known him a long time.  

“We’ve been friends on and off, we’re in a bit of a pause at the moment.” 

He said this was down to Trump’s behaviour in the aftermath of the 2020 election, which saw a mob of his supporters storm the Capitol Building in Washington DC, two months after his defeat. 

Mr Morgan also gave his thoughts on free speech, and said that the premise of his current TV show is that people are able to debate and discuss issues without fear of being cut off or shut down. 

He said: “I’m afraid this whole woke cancel culture farce that we’re going through is illustrative of a deep attack on free speech. 

“It’s not just the woke left, it’s also people like Donald Trump who don’t want to allow people to have an opinion if they don’t like it, and I think that’s equally ridiculous.” 

The broadcaster had a message for the students who were watching. 

He said: “I hope that this next generation who are watching this, I hope that instilled in you is an absolute understanding that people are entitled to different opinions, and even if you hate them, they’re entitled to different opinions.  

“Otherwise we’re not a democracy, we become something else, we become North Korea, Russia, China, somewhere where they put you in prison or kill you for having opinions.” 

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