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Pay as you Feel Cafe Funding Support to Local Community

The Real Junk Food Cafe is a pay-as-you-feel event in Horsforth, based at St Margaret’s Parish Centre.

The cafe is an extension of The Real Junk Food Project, a Leeds-based organisation which targets reducing food waste.

The project was set up in December 2013 by Adam Smith, to stop avoidable food waste being disposed into landfill sites and instead provide food for those who need it – the movement’s manifesto is “feed bellies, not bins”.

The Real Junk Food Cafe has been running for around a year in Horsforth, taking place on most Mondays.

Volunteers use food donations to provide a fresh menu every week – with customers paying whatever they can afford for a meal.

Reporter Jack Goodman went down to experience the cafe for Yorkshire Voice, and to find out more about the benefits it brings to the community.

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