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One Show editor to bring key message of versatility at Leeds Trinity Journalism Week

By Tom Clayton

BBC TV editor Sandy Smith is set to pass on the benefit of his expertise at Leeds Trinity University during Journalism and Media Week 2018.

The current editor of The One Show will discuss all things TV when he gives his talk in the Mary Hallaway lecture theatre on Monday.

Sandy is linked to the University through former colleagues Glyn Middleton and Carolyn Jackson-Brown, whose combined efforts brought him to Journalism and Media Week 2018.

Glyn Middleton, now a senior lecturer at Leeds Trinity, said: “If you want the one session that encapsulates everything that will cover the range of your studies, come to this one.

“The range of what he does and the variation of what his programme covers will be relevant to everything that you study in journalism and media.

“I wanted him to come here and say ‘remember everything that you want to be and remember how versatile you need to be when you leave here.’”

Smith will not only give a talk at the University, he will also be hosting an interactive workshop based on the issues he faces as the editor of The One Show.

“I’m hoping that he’ll get the brains of journalism and media students working by giving them real life scenarios,” said Glyn Middleton.

“I want him to give students scenarios working in a team and say, you sort it out, you get your brains working. Then he can come in and say this is what he really did.”

Smith is a former editor of BBC’s Panorama and Watchdog programmes. His current programme, The One Show, currently brings in an average audience of 3.5million people per show.

To register for Sandy’s workshop and other events throughout the week, follow this link:

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