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New Horsforth Brewery premises set to become hub for local community

Mark Costello in his new brewery on Station Road

By Will Ford

The owner of Horsforth Brewery has moved his business to larger premises to meet the growing demand for his craft beer.

Mark Costello, 34, started brewing as a hobby five years ago before starting to sell his beer to local shops and pubs in August last year.

The new brewery on Station Road, Horsforth, will open on Saturday, with a tap room to allow customers to enjoy his beer in a relaxed environment on site.


“It’s mainly going to be a brewery – but I am also going to open up on a Friday evening and a Saturday afternoon as somewhere you can have a quiet few pints.

“I’ve lived in Horsforth for five years and figured it could sustain a small to medium sized brewery, so gave it a go.”

Mark is also planning to sell books for charity as well as supporting other local businesses by selling their craft products.

He has lived in Horsforth for nine years and says he feels a real connection with the town and the people.

“I want it to be something that supports the local community, I don’t want to be some distanced business, I want to be involved in Horsforth.”

Aubretia – a black IPA – just one of a number of beers produced by the Horsforth Brewery

Mark puts the success of the craft beer industry down to the willingness of people to support local business owners and to try something different.

“Small businesses don’t have the technology to do crisp lagers so we’re forced to do something a bit different.

“People like the story of a small business and the effort people put in, so when a big brewery starts producing it, it doesn’t really get the traction in the craft beer world.”

The Horsforth Brewery currently serves around 25 different pubs and shops in Leeds and West Yorkshire, but Mark says the new brewery will enable him to meet the ever growing demand for his beer.

He produces a range of beers with a lemon cheesecake IPA and a chocolate orange cheesecake stout set to be launched at The Hop Shack on Saturday December 15.

The Horsforth Brewery, Unit 1a, Station Road, will open for the first time this Saturday between midday and 6pm.

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