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Neil Warnock states “We have to eliminate early mistakes” against West Brom

Huddersfield Town boss Neil Warnock knows that they can not afford to make any early mistakes against Saturdays opponents West Brom as they visit the Hawthorns.

Warnock also went onto talk about the difficult fixtures that the Terroirs have coming up and how they have to “stick together” throughout the rest of the season.

He said “I have been to the Hawthorns, I know what it is like. If we make a mistake early doors then they could cruise to victory, they have quality players.

“We have to eliminate early mistakes, with a side that have the quality that West Brom have, if you give them a inch, they will take a mile.

“They have just got quality all over the pitch, that is what you pay for, they have signed some good players, all over the place, at the back, in midfield, upfront, out wide, they have got quality everywhere, that is why they are pushing for the playoffs.

“It is about playing our game, creating our opportunities and we have to find their weakness’ and play off that.

“We have to be on the front foot, I think we can give them a game if we do not make the elementary mistakes.

“Its important that they stick together and not get disappointed when things go against us. This is a wonderful club and we have to make sure we keep going.

“They are not just playing for this season, but they are playing for their futures aswell.

“They will be expecting to get in those playoff squads. No one will give us a chance we have to play for the shirt and the fans that are travelling, not just keel over like we have in some games.

“I am really pleased with the team, every game is difficult, I haven’t even looked past the next three fixtures, it is going to be a big testing period, you learn a lot about your players during periods like this”

Warnock also talked about how the clean sheet Huddersfield kept against Bristol is something he is very pleased with.

The Englishman went on to talk about ex Town boss Carlos Corberan and the situation he has landed himself in after he left the club this past summer.

“You have to, we have not had one since Christmas, it is a start and it gives defenders something to hold onto. I thought we deserved a clean sheet, the back four and the goalkeeper were very good, they worked really hard for that.

“He might of thought that he has taken the club as far as he could, you never know. He has found a great opportunity at West Brom with a quality squad.

The Town boss also gave a update on the state of striker Danny Ward after he was taken off in the last game.

“He is black and blue! he took a battering really. I am hoping he will be back tomorrow.

“He is really sore today, we do not think he has cracked a rib, but we well have a look later today, see if he needs a x-ray or anything like that.

“Yeah, he has always given everything for me, I have been fortunate to have him twice. I do not think any manager will know Danny as well as me, if I do not think he is alrigh, I wont play him, If I think he is alright, then I will play him.

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