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National Pizza Day is the perfect excuse to break those New Years Resolutions

Pepperoni pizza is the most popular topping in the US and UK.

By Shannon Bruce

The word “pizza” was first documented in Gaeta in Italy in 997 AD, although the actual word was originally spelt “Pitsa” meaning “pie” in Italian. Even though the traditional toppings of today’s modern culture are very much savoury, the first pizzas were intended to be sweet and actually made for desert instead of a main.
Baker Raffaele Esposito in Naples was said to be the first person to make a pizza.
In 1889, he made a “pie” topped with mozzarella, basil and tomatoes, ingredients to match the colours of the Italian Flag in honour of King Umberto and Queen Margherita’s visit to Naples. Apparently the Queen loved the pizza so much that it became known as the Margherita.

NATIONAL PIZZA Day blew up on the internet yesterday and created the perfect excuse to tuck into a slice or two.

The dedicated day took Twitter by storm yesterday as the hashtag (#nationalpizzaday) trended all day long.

Most major franchises were offering exclusive deals to celebrate the day. Including big companies such as Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Express. However, major retailer Pizza Hut was completely unaware of the national day.

Although National Pizza Day gathered quite a buzz on social media, Sarah Lump, the store manager at Pizza Hut on Kirkstall Road, Leeds, said she had no knowledge of the event, saying: “It would be harder to judge whether we were busier than usual because we are right next to the cinema so it really varies.”

The Old Ball in Horsforth were offering two unusual pizzas on their menu to celebrate the day. James O’Connor, head pizza chef, said: “We have the Caribbean Dream which has Mexican beef and Levi Roots Reggae Reggae chicken. Also our Taste of Italy pizza which is the most popular. This is half pepperoni and half spicy Italian.”

Pizza Express in Headingley celebrated the day with vouchers that could be redeemed in store. Rhiannon Nichnoll, the store manager said: “I was aware that it was national pizza day but it was more quiet than usual to be honest but I think there was deals online for delivery that were running yesterday for it.”

According to Papa Johns, Britons actually spend around an average of £2.9 billion on pizza alone every year and pizza is the second most popular item bought from the supermarket for dinner.

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