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Leeds United demand decision from Football League

Leeds United's takeover bid reamins in doubt.

Leeds United’s takeover bid reamins in doubt.

By Mark Kielesz-Levine

The lawyers of the current owners of Leeds United have written to the Football League to demand an answer regarding the Cellino takeover bid by the end of today.

The club believes that the delay from the Football League is stopping the club’s ability to progess.

Gulf Finance House’s lawyers have also stated that the Football League’s actions are “unprecendented and unfair”.

Massimo Cellino has already been putting money into the club for over two months but his proposed takeover suffered another blow in the last few days after Cellino was found guilty of failing to pay import tax on a yacht in his native Italy.

That verdict is subject to an appeal but the Football League require that any person or company taking over a club, must pass the “fit and proper” test to ensure they are suitable.

Previously the Football League reacted to this by releasing a statement which said: “We are engaged with ongoing dialogue with his legal respresentatives in this country and cannot comment any further at this time.”


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